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Welcome to Put-in-Bay Island Club Golf Cart Rentals! We aim to meet your rental expectations, and surpass them!

Golf carts are the primary choice of transportation at Put-in-Bay Ohio. The unofficial estimate for number of golf carts on the island is over 800. There are many sizes to choose from depending on your transportation needs. Island Club Golf Carts offers 4- and 6- person carts. We also offer a special rate when you reserve your cart online here through our website, so save some money and BOOK A GOLF CART ONLINE! Proudly serving ONLY Put-in-Bay Island Club Rentals guests and Put-in-Bay Condos guests with a confirmed home or condo reservation!

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(Golf Cart Rentals are ONLY available to registered guests of Island Club Home Rentals and Put-in-Bay Condos)

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Ask anyone who has visited Put-in-Bay even once, and especially those who've been visiting regularly since they were kids, to name particular reasons for the island's special tourist appeal, and almost without fail golf cart, or "golf cars", make the short list.

It is easy to understand the appeal of golf carts on the Island. Full-sized automobiles, buses, and delivery trucks are severely restricted on the island due to a lack of parking, and golf carts are the primary motorized means of transportation and will fit in to the snuggest of spaces. Most island residents themselves own only golf carts for transportation, which explains what may at first seem like unusual tiny driveways at most homes in Put-in-Bay's residential areas.

With a widely available tourist map in hand or downloadable Put-in-Bay Island Guide from our website, begin your adventure by cruising up and down the streets of the main downotown business area to get the hang of the cart. Then explore some of the charming residential cottages. Finally, head for the hills, literally, and explore the winding hilly roads in the center of the island and find putt-putt golf, wineries, caves, vineyards, antique schoolhouse, ice cream shops, and much much more. All these farther-flung routes will yield breathtaking views, without the need for you to stop to catch your breath after what would otherwise have been a healthy hike!

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Guest Reviews

Stayed at the island club and the golf carts were brand new and the price cause I was a guest was the lowest on the island. .....

The manager helped us out because we were concerned with our 2 little ones. She found us one that had longer seatbelts so that they were comfortable in their car seats. Didn't need any upgrades or fancy stuff. We called a day before we were suppose to return it to add an extra day. When we returned it, they gave us a ride back to the ferry in their taxi shuttle. .....

We had an absolute blast driving our golf cart around Put-in-Bay island. We got to see much more of the hidden spots we wouldn't have probably gone with a car or walking. We explored residential areas and saw beautiful homes on the water and even went to a couple local spots to eat and shop. It was easier to park and get where we wanted to go. The staff was nice and explained all the places we could and couldn't drive on (believe it or not, you can't drive a golf cart on the golf course!!!). It is something we will do again on our next trip to the Island Club! .....

Island CLub Golf Carts has very nice staff, excellent vehicles, and takes care of their customers. They will come right to your doorstep to deliver your cart and are always available by phone if you need help. Our trip to Put-in-Bay was extraordinarily fun because we had this wonderful little vehicle to drive to the downtown and we could easily drive our golf cart to the many restaurants and cute littlte shops. Cars are too big for the island roads and a golf cart is definitely the way to go -- have fun, don't DUI, and enjoy Putinbay. .....

The golf cart we rented for 6 passengers was super reliable and comfortably scaled any of the hills on the island, and there are a few! The employees were always friendly, prompt and easy to work with, including during the reservations over the phone. We read the reivews of other places downtown and made sure to go with Island Club instead. I couldn't ask for better. .....

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Island Club Golf Cart Rentals only rents golf carts to our guests who have a confirmed reservation. Simply include your confirmation # or House # in the comments field when reserving through our online booking program.


It is suggested that you make your reservations very early in the year especially if your stay involves a weekend. Golf carts are limited on the Island and booking early will help insure you get the dates you want.


You must be 18 years of age to rent or operate a golf cart.


Bringing a car to the Island is a personal choice. For most of our properties, you must bring your own bedding and people enjoy bringing their own food and "beverages". Plus, each home has at least one parking space. Aside from the expense associated with transporting your vehicle, parking is very limited on the Island downtown, so we recommend renting a golf cart to use during your stay. Waits to get a car on or off the Island can run as long as four hours. The Island Club is located in the middle of the island and just a short walk from Downtown Put-in-Bay and a pleasant golf cart ride to most attractions.


Yes! Golf Carts are treated as licensed motor vehicles on the Island. All traffic laws apply including open container laws as well as drinking and driving. Island Club Cart Rentals rents to licensed drivers over the age of 18. For those under 18 but holding a valid license, a parent or guardian may rent a golf cart for your use.

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